How To Cook Amaranth Grain

Thank you to Nancy Weston for sharing how she uses amaranth, makes amaranth flour and for her super simple amaranth bread recipe.

(Nancy grows the grain herself. Read about growing amaranth plants and amaranth nutrition here.)

Some information on Amaranth :)

My partner and I live a sustainable lifestyle. Amaranth happens to be one of our two "stock" produces, the other being kidney beans.

Amaranth grain is probably the easiest of the grains to produce. With a simple wire bowl shake they are ready for any preparation.

We usually grind it to amaranth flour in the mill. Mixed with water to a dough consistancy it is pushed flat and toasted to a flatcake/pita bread.

We use this to "wrap" our veggies cold or tear it to dunk in our veggie stews or soups.

Amaranth is also a herbal medicine used to inhibit blood loss and as a contraceptive. It is also a dye and can be used in herbal shampoos.

Harvesting Amaranth Seeds

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