Ginger In Permaculture

Where And How Does Ginger Fit Into A Permaculture Design?

Let's see what ginger offers to your permaculture design, and how other parts of your design can look after needs of your ginger.

(This page assumes you are already familiar with the basics of growing ginger and with the main permaculture design principles.)

First I have to make a confession. When I wrote the "Growing Ginger" page yesterday I realised that in the case of ginger I'm not practising what I am preaching.

(In my defense: I went outside immediately after I uploaded the page and fixed that.)

The way I've grown ginger in the last few years has been very successful, but I could have done better. So, after looking at how ginger fits into a permaculture design I will tell you where I went wrong and how I fixed it.

Ginger In A Permaculture Design

Let's look at what ginger needs and what it offers. Then we can come up with ideas how ginger and the other elements in our permaculture design can work together to save us work.

What ginger needs:

What ginger has to offer:

Permaculture design with ginger:

Ginger in my permaculture garden:

So what's wrong with the way I've been growing ginger in the last few years?

It's simple. I've been storing my ginger in the freezer, when I could have been storing it in the ground instead. Mind you, my electricity is 100% hydro power, so at least I don't contribute unnecessarily to global warming. Still, it just doesn't make sense to rely on an electrical appliance when there is a perfect natural solution.

It's also not safe. All it takes is an extended power failure and I'll have to get by without ginger for the rest of the year. Or, gasp, buy it!

So, after uploading the "Growing Ginger Root" page yesterday afternoon I ts, ts, tsd at myself, went outside, and carefully dug some ginger plants out of one of my tubs.

I planted them in half a dozen different locations amongst my fruit trees, just as described above. Some grow under pigeon pea and crotolaria (another legume) near my kaffir lime tree, the lemon grass is not far away, and there are several chilli bushes and Thai basil plants along the path from the kitchen.

I have two other clumps (or rather soon to be clumps) fairly close to the kitchen as well, because I like to put a piece of ginger in my fresh fruit juice. I don't want to have to walk too far to get it. That ginger is cohabiting with my rosella bushes, another thing I like to add to my juice.

Ginger is also handy to have nearby when feeling a bit off colour. You definitely don't want to walk too far then, do you?

I will maintain one of my tubs as well, though. It is just too handy to have at least some ginger in the freezer, already cleaned and chopped and ready to use, for days when I get home after dark for example.

Do you have any permaculture ideas or solutions yourself? It doesn't have to be about ginger. Anything that works particularly well in your garden? Tell us about it here!

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