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How to Harvest Amaranth Seeds

Thank you to Rosita Arvigo for sharing how she grows and collects amaranth seeds, and how she uses the flowers and seeds in cooking.

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Amaranth Plant, Grain and Leaves - Growing Amaranth as Food

The tropical amaranth plant, a delicious and nutritious food, is related to pigweed and to Love Lies Bleeding. Learn how to grow and eat all of them!

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How To Cook Amaranth Grain

Thank you to Nancy Weston for sharing how she uses amaranth grains, makes amaranth flour and for her super simple amaranth bread recipe.

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Growing Vegetables (And How To Grow Vegetables in Hot Weather)

How to grow vegetables: easy to grow vegetables, Asian and tropical vegetables, A-Z list, ...

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Growing Herbs and Spices

How to grow herbs and spices: pick the right herbs and spices for your climate... Easy to grow herbs, culinary herbs, medicinal herbs, A-Z list...

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What Is Fertilizer and How Does It Work?

Plants and fertilizer: fertilizer is plant food, and to really understand what is in fertilizer and how it works, let's compare it to people food...

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Growing Coriander: How To Grow Coriander From Seed, For Seeds

Growing coriander is just as easy as growing cilantro. Learn how to grow coriander leaf (= cilantro) and coriander seeds.

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Growing Cilantro: How To Grow Cilantro From Seed

Growing cilantro - or coriander as it is also called - is not rocket science. In my permaculture garden cilantro grows itself.

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Growing Basil: How To Grow Basil In Your Permaculture Garden

Thankfully growing basil is super easy in warm climates. Basil grows without fail, all year round, like a weed.

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Growing Fruits and Fruit Trees

How to grow fruits and fruit trees: easy to grow fruit, unusual and exotic fruit, A-Z list, planting and caring for trees...

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Growing Passionfruit With Permaculture Methods

They told me it's impossible to grow passionfruit here. They were wrong. Permaculture came to the rescue.

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The Permaculture Home Garden

Linda Woodrow's book, The Permaculture Home Garden, is an entertaining and very practical guide to growing stunningly beautiful food gardens. Read the full review.

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Permaculture Books - Reviews

Reviews of the best permaculture books for home gardeners, for serious permaculturists, and for those just curious what it's all about.

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Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria - Rhizobia

There are many persistent myths about nitrogen fixing plants and their use in vegetable gardens. How often have you read that nitrogen hungry vegetables like...

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Growing Permaculture Plants

Permaculture plant portraits, growing advice and design ideas. These plants are popular in home permaculture gardens because...

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The Earth User's Guide To Permaculture

Rosemary Morrow's Earth User's Guide To Permaculture is a complete permaculture course in book form. Read the full review.

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